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Chapter 21 Rebels of Earth

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Chapter 21 Rebels of Earth
There were many more attendees this time than at the last Three Body meet-up. They met at the employee cafeteria of a chemical plant. The factory had already been moved elsewhere, and the interior of the building, which was about to be demolished, was worn out but spacious. About three hundred people were gathered here, and Wang Miao noticed many familiar faces: celebrities and elites of various fields; famous scientists, writers, politicians, and so on.
The first thing to attract Wang's attention was the strange device at the center of the cafeteria. Three silver spheres, each slightly smaller than a bowling ball, hovered and swirled over a metal base. Wang guessed the device was probably based on magnetic levitation. The orbits of the three spheres were completely random: a real-life version of the three- body problem.
The others didn't pay much mind to the artistic portrayal of the three-body problem. Instead, they focused on Pan Han, who was standing on top of a broken table in the middle of the cafeteria.
"Did you murder comrade Shen Yufei?" a man asked.
"Yes," Pan said, perfectly calm. "It's because the Adventists have traitors like her in our midst that the Organization faces the crisis it does today."
Who gave you the right to kill?"
"I did it out of a sense of duty to the Organization."
"Duty? I think you've always had malice in your heart!"
"What do you mean by that?"
"What has the Environment Branch done under your leadership? Your charge is to exploit and create environmental problems to make the population loathe science and modern industry. But in reality, you've only used our Lord's technology and predictions to gain riches and fame for yourself!"
"Do you think I became famous for myself? To my eyes, the entire human race is a pile of garbage. Why would I care what they think? But if I'm not famous, how do I direct and channel their thinking?" "You always pick the easy tasks. What you've done could have been better accomplished by regular environmentalists. They're more sincere and passionate than you, and with just a little guidance, we could easily take advantage of their actions. Your Environment Branch should be creating environmental disasters and then exploiting them. For example, disseminating poison in reservoirs, leaking toxic waste from chemical plants... have you done any of those? No, not a single one!'' 
"We had devised numerous programs and plans, but the commander vetoed them all. Anyway, such acts would have been stupid, at least until recently. The Biology and Medicine Branch once created a catastrophe from the overuse of antibiotics, but that was soon detected. And the rash actions of the European Detachment almost drew attention to us." 
"Talk about drawing attention to us—you just murdered someone! "
"Listen to me, comrades! Sooner or later, it would have been unavoidable. You must already know that the governments of the world are preparing for war. In Europe and North America, they're already cracking down on the Organization. Once the crackdown begins here, the Redemptionists will no doubt side with the government. So our first priority is to purge the Redemptionists from the Organization."
"That is not within your authority."
"Of course the commander must decide. But, comrades, I can tell you right now that the commander is an Adventist!"
"Now you're just making things up. Everyone knows the scope of the commanders power. If the commander really is an Adventist, then the Redemptionists would have been purged long ago."
"Maybe the commander knows something we don't. Perhaps that's what the meeting today is about."
After this, the crowd's attention turned away from Pan Han to the crisis before them. A famous scientist who had won the Turing Award jumped onto the table and began to speak. "The time for talk is over. Comrades, what should be our next step?"
"Start a global rebellion!"
"Then we're asking to be killed."
"Long live the spirit of Trisolaris! We shall persevere like the stubborn grass that resprouts after every wildfire!"
"A rebellion will finally reveal our existence to the world. As long as we have an appropriate plan of action, I'm sure many people will support us."
This last remark came from Pan Han, and many applauded. 
Someone yelled, "The commander is here!" The crowd parted to form a path.
Wang looked up and felt dizzy. The world turned white and black in his eyes, and the only spot of color was the person who had just appeared.
Surrounded by a group of young bodyguards, the commander in chief of the Earth-Trisolaris rebels, Ye Wenjie, walked steadily into the crowd.
Ye stood in the middle of the space the crowd cleared for her, raised a bony fist, and—with a resolve and strength that Wang could not believe she possessed—said, "Eliminate human tyranny!"
The crowd responded in a way that had clearly been rehearsed countless times: "The world belongs to Trisolaris!"
"Hello, comrades," Ye said. Her voice returned to the gentleness that Wang knew. It was only now that he could be sure that it was really her. "I haven't been well lately, and haven't spent much time with all of you. But now the situation is urgent, and I know everyone is under a great deal of pressure, so I've come to see you."
"Commander, take care of yourself" someone in the crowd said. Wang could hear the heartfelt concern.
Ye said, "Before we move on to more important matters, let's take care of one small detail. Pan Han—" She kept her eyes on the crowd even as she called his name.
"Here, Commander." Pan emerged from the crowd. Earlier, he had tried to lose himself in the throng. He appeared calm, but the terror in his heart was obvious. The commander had not called him comrade, a bad sign.
"You committed a severe violation of the Organization s rules." Ye spoke without looking at Pan. Her voice remained kind, as though talking to a child who had been naughty.
"Commander, the Organization is facing a crisis of survival! If we don't take decisive measures and cleanse the traitors and enemies within, we will lose everything!"
Ye looked up at Pan, her eyes affectionate. But his breath stopped for a few seconds. "The ultimate goal and ideal of the ETO is to lose everything. Everything that now belongs to the human race, including us."
"Then you must be an Adventist! Commander, please openly declare this to be true, because it's very important. Am I right, comrades? Very important!" he shouted, and waved an arm as he looked around. But the crowd remained mute.
"This request is not yours to make. You have seriously violated our code of conduct. If you want to make an appeal, now is the time. Otherwise, you must bear the responsibility." Ye spoke slowly, enunciating every word, as though afraid the child she was teaching had trouble understanding.
"I went intending to eliminate Wei Cheng, that math prodigy. The decision was made by Comrade Evans and ratified by the committee unanimously. If he really succeeds in creating a mathematical model of the three-body problem that gives a complete solution, our Lord not come, and the great enterprise of Trisolaris on Earth will be ruined. I only shot at Shen Yufei since she shot at me first. I was acting in self-defense."
Ye nodded. "Let us believe you. This is, after all, not the most important issue. I hope we can continue to trust you. Now, please repeat the request you made to me just now."
Pan was stunned for a second. That she had moved on didn't seem to relax him. "I . . . asked that you openly declare yourself to be an Adventist. After all, the action plan of the Adventists is also your ideal." "Then repeat the plan of action."
"Human society can no longer rely on its own power to solve its problems. It can also no longer rely on its own power to restrain its madness. Therefore, we ask our Lord to come to this world, and with its power, forcefully watch over us and transform us, so as to create a brand- new, perfect human civilization."
"Are the Adventists loyal believers in this plan?"
"Of course! Commander, please do not believe false rumors."
"It's not a false rumor!" a man shouted. He made his way to the front. "I'm Rafael, from Israel. Three years ago, my fourteen-year-old son died in an accident. I had his kidney donated to a Palestinian girl suffering kidney failure as an expression of my hope that the two peoples could live together in peace. For this ideal, I was willing to give my life. Many, many Israelis and Palestinians sincerely strove toward the same goal by my side. But all this was useless. Our home remained trapped in the quagmire of cycles of vengeance.
"Eventually, I lost hope in the human race and joined the ETO. Desperation turned me from a pacifist into an extremist. Also, probably because I donated so much money to the Organization, I became a core member of the Adventists. Let me tell you now, the Adventists have their own secret agenda.
"And it is this: The human race is an evil species. Human civilization has committed unforgivable crimes against the Earth and must be punished. The ultimate goal of the Adventists is to ask our Lord to carry out this divine punishment: the destruction of all humankind."
'The real program of the Adventists is already an open secret" someone shouted.
"But what you don't know is that this was not a program they evolved into. It was the goal set out at the very beginning; its been the life-long dream of Mike Evans, the mastermind behind the Adventists. He lied to the Organization and fooled everyone, including the commander! Evans has been working toward this goal from the very start. He turned the Adventists into a kingdom of terror populated by extreme environmentalists and madmen who hated the human race."
"I didn't know Evans's real thoughts until much later," Ye said. "Still, I tried to patch over the differences to allow the ETO to remain whole. But some of the other acts committed by Adventists lately have made the effort impossible."
Pan said, "Commander, the Adventists are the core of ETO. Without us, there is no Earth-Trisolaris Movement."
"But this is no excuse for you to monopolize all communications between our Lord and the Organization."
"We built the Second Red Coast Base; of course we should operate it."
"The Adventists took advantage of this and committed an unforgivable betrayal of the Organization: You intercepted the messages from our Lord to the Organization and passed on only a small portion of them. Even those, you distorted. Also, through the Second Red Coast Base, you sent a large amount of information to our Lord without the Organization's approval."
Silence descended over the meeting like a monstrous thing. Wang's scalp began to tingle.
Pan did not answer. His expression became cold, as if to say, Finally, it has happened.
"There is much evidence of the Adventists' betrayal. Comrade Shen Yufei was one of the witnesses. Though she belonged to the core group of Adventists, in her heart, she remained a resolute Redemptionist. You only discovered this recently, and she already knew too much. When Evans sent you, he wanted you to kill two people, not one."
Pan looked around, apparently reassessing the situation. His gesture didn't go unnoticed by Ye.
"You can see that most people attending this meeting are comrades from the Redemptionist faction. I trust that the few Adventists who are here will stand on the side of the Organization. But men like Evans and you can no longer be saved. To protect the program and ideals of the ETO, we must completely solve the problem of the Adventists."
Silence returned. A few moments later, one of the bodyguards near Ye, a young woman, smiled. She walked toward Pan Han casually.
Pans face changed. He stuck a hand inside the lapel of his jacket, but the young woman dashed quicker than the eye could follow. Before anyone could react, she wrapped one of her slender arms around Pan's neck, placed her other hand on top of his head, and, by applying her unexpected strength at just the right angle, she twisted Pan's head 180 degrees with practiced ease. The cracks from his cervical vertebrae breaking stood out against the complete silence.
The young woman's hands immediately let go, as though Pan's head was too hot. Pan fell to the ground, and the gun that had killed Shen Yufei slid under the table. His body still spasmed, and his eyes remained open, his tongue sticking out. But his head no longer moved, as though it were never a part of the rest of his body. Several men came and dragged him away, the blood oozing from his mouth leaving a long trail.
"Ah, Xiao Wang, you re here too. How have you been?" Ye's gaze fell on Wang Miao. She smiled kindly at him and nodded. Then she turned to the others. "This is Professor Wang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and my friend. He researches nanomaterials. This is the first technology our Lord wishes to extinguish from the Earth."
No one looked at Wang, and Wang had no strength to express himself in any way. He had to pull at the sleeve of the man next to him so that he wouldn't fall, but the man lightly brushed his hand away.
"Xiao Wang, why don't I continue to tell you the story of Red Coast from last time? All the comrades here can listen too. This is not a waste of time. In this extraordinary moment, it is a fine time to review the "Red Coast. . . . You weren't done?" Wang asked foolishly.
Ye slowly approached the three-body model, seemingly absorbed by the swirling silver spheres. Through the broken window, the setting sun's light fell on the model, and the flying spheres intermittently reflected the light onto the rebel commander, like sparks from a bonfire.
"No. I've only just started " Ye said softly.
Chapter 21 Vocabulary Note
demolish - to completely destroy a building
malice - the desire to harm someone because you hate them 
loathe - to hate someone or something very much
channel - to control or direct people's mind
veto - to refuse to accept a particular plan or suggestion 
rash - if you are rash, you do things too quickly, without thinking carefully about whether they are sensible or not 
purge - to force people to leave an organization because the people in power do not like them
persevere - to continue trying to do something in a very determined way in spite of difficulties - use this to show approval 
throng - a large group of people in one place
enunciate - to pronounce words clearly and carefully
prodigy - a young person who has a great natural ability in a subject or skill
ratify - to sign a written agreement and sign it to make it official
unanimous - a unanimous decision, vote, agreement etc is one in which all the people involved agree
quagmire - a difficult or complicated situation
vengeance - revenge; a violent or harmful action that someone does to punish someone for harming them or their family
pacifist - someone who believes that wars are wrong and who refuses to use violence
extremist - someone who has extreme opinions and aims, and who is willing to do unusual or illegal things in order to achieve them
divine - relating to a god    
lapel - the part of the front of a coat or jacket that is joined to the collar and folded back on each side
cervical - related to neck
vertebrae - plural of vertebra (one of the small hollow bones down the centre of your back)
spasm - an sudden muscle contraction


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