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The Three-Body

author:Cinxin Liu

action:Straight to the bottom,Reverse order

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Latest chapters: Chapter 35 The Ruins

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China, 1967,The Red Union had been attacking the headquarters of the April Twenty-eighth Brigade for two days. Their red flags fluttered restlessly around the brigade building like flames yearning for firewood. The Red Union commander was anxious, though not because of the defenders he faced. The more than two hundred Red Guards of the April Twenty-eighth Brigade were mere greenhorns compared with the veteran Red Guards of the Red Union, which was formed at the start of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in early 1966. The Red Union had been tempered by the tumultuous experience of revolutionary tours around the country and seeing Chairman Mao in the great rallies in Tiananmen Square. But the commander was afraid of the dozen or so iron stoves inside the building, filled with expl

The Three-Body


Chapter 1 The Madness Years
Chapter 2 Silent Spring
Chapter 3 Red Coast I
Chapter 4 The Frontiers of Science
Chapter 5 A Game of Pool
Chapter 6 Vocabulary Note
Chapter 7 Three Body: King Wen of Zhou and the Long Night
Chapter 8 Ye Wenjie
Chapter 9 The Universe Flickers
Chapter 10 Da Shi
Chapter 11 Three Body: Mozi and Fiery Flames
Chapter 12 Red Coast II
Chapter 13 Red Coast III
Chapter 14 Red Coast IV
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 The Three-Body Problem
Chapter 17 Three Body: Newton, Von Neumann, the First Emperor, and Tri-Solar Syzygy
Chapter 18 Meet-up
Chapter 19 Three Body: Einstein, the Pendulum Monument, and the Great Rip
Chapter 20 Three Body: Expedition
Chapter 21 Rebels of Earth
Chapter 22 Red Coast V
Chapter 23 Red Coast VI
Chapter 24 Rebellion
Chapter 25 The Deaths of Lei Zhicheng and Yang Weining
Chapter 26 No One Repents
Chapter 27 Evans
Chapter 28 The Second Red Coast Base
Chapter 29 The Earth - TrisoIaris Movement
Chapter 30 Two Protons
Chapter 31 Operation Guzheng
Chapter 32 Trisolaris: The Listener
Chapter 33 Trisolaris: Sophon
Chapter 34 Bugs
Chapter 35 The Ruins