Thousand layer cake


000G hair noodle, 5g alkali noodle, 20g animal oil, 20g bitter bean powder (other seasonings are also OK, such as sesame powder, chili powder, pepper powder, etc.)


1. The dough is evenly kneaded. If you can steam the steamed bread, this step is quite simple.

2. Press the dough flat, roll the long strip, turn the animal oil and spread it evenly.

3. Sprinkle the bitter bean powder or other seasoning in the middle, and leave some edges around, so that the shape of the steamed is neat.

4. Roll it up along one side, pay attention to roll it in order, flatten it and then roll it out.

5. Determine the center line of the cake, then fold it from both ends to the middle, then fold it in half, just like folding a quilt.

6. Roll out 1 cm thick and cover with a damp drawer cloth for 20 minutes

7. Boil the water, spread the drawer cloth, put the green body into the pot, steam in high heat for 30 minutes.

8. Let the pot dry and cut into pieces.
this picture is a picture of two pieces together. It’s delicious.


If you have not steamed the steamed bread, you will not have dough. Add 5g yeast, 3G baking powder, 10g sugar and dough into each jin of flour. The other procedures are the same.
I always think the yeast and baking powder are not delicious. If you are interested, try it.

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