Stir fried pork with kimchi

Stir fried pork with kimchi
Korean kimchi stir fried pork is a very simple and delicious dish. As long as you master some small skills, you can stir fry it more fragrant and delicious. I will know these delicious secrets of mini bamboo, which was taught by the Korean mother I knew before. In fact, if you want to make a delicious Korean kimchi pot, you can do it by comparison!

Pork slices (plum or inner muscle) 300g, 1 small bowl or more of Korean kimchi, appropriate amount of Bonito seasoning powder


1. In the oil pan, fry the pork slices until the surface is scorched yellow, and then leave the bottom of the pan to stir fry Korean kimchi.

2. Stir fry Korean kimchi until it’s sour and fragrant. You can stir fry pork slices and Korean kimchi together.

3. Then pour in some Korean kimchi sauce, and finally sprinkle some fried fish seasoning powder, and the whole stir fry is finished.

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