Stewed Abalone with four treasures and winter noodles

Stewed Abalone with four treasures and winter noodles
My mother usually eats at will. Even if I want to celebrate Mother’s day, my mother will think it’s better to cook at home instead of wasting money As a child, she is always busy at work and has her own life circle. On this special festival, why not let her mother have a good rest and prepare a thoughtful meal for her mother to taste the taste of happiness.
is very simple. Even novices can easily use green Safe abalone four treasures soup conditioning bag, in addition to the loofah, loumu fish ball, garlic section, organic vermicelli cooking, so that the mother can enjoy the filial piety of her children.
Materials abalone four treasures soup, 1 package, 6 lice balls Organic vermicelli, 2 ball loofah, 1 hongxigu, 1 bag Bean sprouts, 1 small handful of garlic, 1 branch of white pepper, a little Little sesame oil

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