Starch free Bento

Starch free Bento
In order to lose weight of starch free Bento, some soups are made more, can be sub packed with frozen ice for many times to eat

300 g ribs, 1 bag of four things conditioning, 100 pork, 1 piece of agaric, 1 / 3 bag of Flammulina mushroom, 5 pieces of ginger, about 5 grams of sesame oil, 1 piece of lice (palm size), cumin powder / salt / olive oil evenly sprinkled with 7 parts of area, three small flowers of broccoli, two teaspoons of curry, one egg


Siwu pork ribs soup

1. Put the soup pot into 700g water to boil

2. Scald the ribs after rolling, then pour out the water

3. Put four things into the bag, cover the pot and open the fire. Remember not to let him roll wildly. Just roll for about half an hour. Ignore him in this period of time

4. add salt according to taste. I didn’t add it myself because it was a diet

Grilled louse

1. Cut lice (or all kinds of fish) into four pieces. Draw a fork on each piece. If it’s for the husband, you can draw love, but you can’t see it Mei A kind of

2. Sprinkle cumin powder evenly, change the taste according to your preference, and cover 7 areas evenly.

3. Put it on the aluminum foil and put it in the medium-sized oven for 15 minutes.
small oven should be easy to scorch and take a look occasionally

4. Then leave him alone until it’s done

Green Curry broccoli

1. The size of the two is about the size of the circle with hands larger than ok.

2. Put about 100g of water and two spoonfuls of curry into the frying pan and stir fry. My green curry is a little salty, just for flavor.

3. Turn on the medium heat, stir in the broccoli, cover it with a pot cover and let it stand for a minute. Turn on the stir and stir it. When it’s not cooked, simmer it, drain the water.

Fried mushroom with agaric and pork

1. Sliced ginger, sliced agaric and sliced pork, but I’m poor at cutting.

2. Heat sesame oil in a hot pot (it can be replaced by other oil), turn to medium heat and stir fry ginger for 10 seconds

3. Stir fry the meat for about ten seconds (it’s still a little raw).

4. Put the mushroom in the pot, stir fry it after rice wine, cover it for about one minute. 5. Open it and cook it

Egg skin roll

1. Let the pot be completely hot, pour the oil on the napkin and rub it in the pot.

2. Turn off the fire. Turn off the fire. Turn off the fire. Turn off the fire. Turn off the fire. Turn off the fire!

3. Pour the broken eggs in and take the pot and wind it evenly. Because of my poor skill, I will cover it with the lid to make sure it will be cooked. It will be cooked after about three minutes

4. Roll up

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