Recipe Dongpo pig’s feet

Recipe Dongpo pig's feet

Details of ingredients

Practice steps of pig’s hooves in Dongpo

Main material
  • Pig’s hoof 1
  • 1 package of brine
mixed ingredients
  • Salt content
  • Proper amount of old soy sauce
  • Pig’s hoof 1
  • 1 package of brine
  • Salt content
  • Proper amount of old soy sauce
  • Spiced taste
  • Brine process
  • One hour
  • Advanced difficulty
  • prepare 1 package of brine material.
  • 1 pig’s hoof, remove the hair, wash and cut into two halves.
  • A pot into the water, into the brine and soy sauce, salt, and then put the pig’s hooves into the stew for 2 hours
  • Recipe Dongpo pig's feet 4 turn over on the way.
  • Recipe Dongpo pig's feet 5 cool down and take it out.
  • can be cut into pieces and mixed with chili oil. Dongpo pig’s hoof is not greasy and delicious. It’s beautiful.
  • Dongpo pig’s hoof.
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