Mid Autumn Festival Special: Chang’e running to the moon chieftain

  • on May 21, 2020
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After Houyi shot the sun yesterday, the story goes on ~ ~ Houyi shot the sun, the people are very grateful to him, a Taoist sent the elixir to Houyi, but Houyi’s Apprentice Peng Meng was not good enough to steal the elixir when Houyi went hunting and threatened Houyi’s wife Chang’e to hand it over Chang’e had to swallow all the growth elixirs, and immediately she was as light as a swallow, and rushed to the sky and the moon, which was the 15th day of August in the lunar calendar. So in order to commemorate Chang’e, the people set this day as the Mid Autumn Festival

“2 pieces of toast”, “1-2 pieces of cheese”, “right amount of strawberry fruit”, “right amount of seaweed”, “1 piece of ham”, “1-2 pieces of okra”, “right amount of carrot”


Draw the picture you want first

Prepare ham, okra and carrot in water

Pick up the scissors and cut out Chang’e’s body, head and hair

Put the head shaped toast on the cheese and draw the same shape around the toast with toothpicks.

Cut the seaweed out of the hair with scissors and press it out of the eyes and mouth with a press die.

Strawberries and toast on the body’s toast tundish

Cut okra crosswise as stars in the sky, press out carrots, press out rabbits and ham, and carve Chang’e’s ribbon with a knife.

The toast covers the cup, stretches the edge of the cup, presses out a circle with a toothpick to be the moon, pastes the Shanghai moss expression.

The remaining ingredients are changed into decorations on Chang’e

The swing is finished!

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