Melon slices in ice sauce

Melon slices in ice sauce
It’s very hot this summer. It’s not good to move from the big bed to the small bed at night. It’s still not good to move from the small bed to the sofa. Take off the cushions on the sofa and sleep on the wood. But when the mosquitoes come to attack you again, they will hit the mosquitoes and kill three of them. The buzzing sound will reverberate in your ears, No matter bite, bite. This reminds me of a joke about mosquitoes in my cell phone text message: “summer is gone, autumn is coming, what should I do to catch a mosquito? In principle, I suggest: raise it up, provide it for school, marry it, and give it a baby.
no one can make it bleed with your blood?” this ice juice melon stick is easy to make, cool and refreshing, thirst quenching, heat clearing and diuretic.

Wax gourd 1 piece, juice, juice powder, honey, Lake powder


1. Slice the wax gourd and blanch it with boiling water.

2. Then put it in a cool, white and open water (preferably with ice) and soak it in cold water.

3. In an empty bowl, pour in the juice, add a few spoonfuls of juice powder and honey, mix well, put the wax gourd sticks into the juice, seal them with plastic wrap, and refrigerate them for half a day.
juice and juice powder are best used the same, for example, if orange juice is used, use orange powder, strawberry juice use strawberry powder.

4. In the middle, use chopsticks to stir twice or three times to make the walnuts fully absorb the juice.
half an hour before eating, pour the juice in the walnuts into the pot, boil the starch with water, hook it into a thin thicken and cool it, and pour it on the walnuts on the plate.
can be used as a cold dish or as a snack

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