Making cake with electric rice cooker

Making cake with electric rice cooker
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Ingredients: 4 eggs (separate yolk and egg white), 4 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons flour, 6 tablespoons milk,

Seasoning: appropriate salt, appropriate oil,

Auxiliary equipment: a common white porcelain spoon, 3 chopsticks


1, use 3 chopsticks to beat the egg white. After a while, you can make a bubble (for a sweet taste, a little salt), put a spoonful of sugar, and keep beating until you get a little bit of sugar, then continue to fight. In about 15 minutes, it will turn into cream shape, and the chopsticks will not fall off. This process is more critical, and it’s a little painful

Put two spoonfuls of sugar, three spoonfuls of flour and six spoonfuls of milk in the yolk and mix well

3 pour in half of the creamy egg white and stir (up and down rather than in circles)

4. Stir evenly and pour in the other half of the creamy egg white. Stir well

5. Press the cooking key to preheat the rice cooker for 1 minute and take it out. The pot is a little hot. Pour in a little oil and spread it evenly in the pot to prevent sticking

6. Pour in the stirred things, then squat down for a few times and shake the bubbles out

7 press the cook button, it will automatically jump to the heat preservation position after 2 minutes, then cover the vent with a towel for 20 minutes, then press the cook button again, it will be OK after 20 minutes

(the pot is coated with oil, which can be poured out after pouring. The bottom color is darker.)


Don’t touch a drop of water in the whole process. Wipe the utensils dry!

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