Honey cake

Honey cake
Introduction to baking the second bake. For me, although the Chinese cuisine has done more than 400 courses, the western cuisine is really a layman. I have experienced the failure of baking the cake into an egg cake for the first time. I really doubt if I am the material for the western cuisine, but what is the failure? Come back again and Practice step by step. There will always be an excellent cake.

60g low powder, 2 eggs, 40g honey, 30g sugar, 30ml salad oil


1. baking: up and down 170 degrees, 8 minutes, color 140 degrees after 10 minutes.

2. Practice: pour sugar and honey into a bowl and beat in the whole egg.

3. Put the bowl into the hot water, use the electric eggbeater to make bubbles at a low speed, and then change it to a high speed to beat until the egg paste turns white, and the pattern of the eggbeater will not disappear after lifting, and the volume will expand.

4. Sift the low powder into the batter twice, turn it up from the bottom with a scraper and mix evenly. Mix well, add oil and mix well.

5. Squeeze the batter into the paper mold with the mounting bag, about 2 / 3 of the height of the paper mold.


The serving size is 12. If you want more, add it. When squeezing the batter, the surface is not required to be flat, and it will naturally bulge during baking. The baking time is the practice of high temperature in my oven. Observe the temperature of each oven by yourself.

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