Homemade minced pepper sauce

Homemade minced pepper sauce
Description of raw materials: I made 1500 g chili peppers. In order to calculate the ratio of raw materials, I converted it into the raw materials needed for every 500 g chili peppers

500g red pepper (you can choose the variety of pepper according to your acceptance of the spicy flavor), 50g garlic, 25g ginger (you can put 50g if you like the ginger flavor, the original recipe is 50g), 50g salt, 20g white sugar, 10g high white spirit, 5g monosodium glutamate (I didn’t put it, it tastes more delicious)


1. Wash the pepper and let it dry.

2. Then remove the pepper handle and the pepper stalk, and keep the seeds.

3. Peel the garlic and wash the ginger.

4. Put the peppers one by one into the meat grinder, shake the handle, and stir the peppers into pieces.
can’t beat the peppers with the cooking machine, but it will become chili paste, which is not delicious.
meat grinder grinds the granular chili pieces, and can chop the peppers into small dices without the meat grinder

5. Mince the garlic and ginger directly into pieces and put them into the chili chips. You can also chop the garlic and ginger with a knife.

6. Mix the garlic, ginger and pepper, then add sugar and salt.

7. Finally put in white wine and mix well.

8. Pour the chopped peppers into a glass bottle, cover it, put it in the room temperature for 3 days, and then put it in a cool and dark place indoors for storage. It’s better to put it in the refrigerator for cold storage, which can be kept for more than one year. When eating, it’s better to use a clean, oil-free and water-free spoon to take out some food, so that the rest is easier to keep


If you eat it directly as chili sauce, you can use a spoon to make some, and then put some vinegar and sugar to relieve the hot and delicious.

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