Home made cake

Home made cake

Ingredients: egg, sugar, salt, flour, milk, vegetable oil

Tools: chopsticks or egg beater (preferably egg beater)


1. Take out three eggs. Separate the egg white and yolk. They can be in two bowls respectively. Do not dip a drop of water in the process.

2, take out three chopsticks to make the egg white into foam, put a little salt, then put a spoonful of sugar, then continue to fight. When it’s a little thick, put another spoonful of sugar, continue beating, and beat for more than 10 minutes. It’s very painful. Beat it into cream shape, and chopsticks can stand up (if you have an egg beater, it will save a lot of time and effort). OK!

3. Add two spoonfuls of sugar, three spoonfuls of flour, twelve spoonfuls of milk or half a bag to the bowl with egg yolk, and stir up and down.

5. After mixing, pour half of the creamy egg white into the yolk. After mixing, pour the other half into the yolk.

6. Take out the rice cooker (or rice cooker) and plug it in, press the cooking button, heat it for 30 seconds, and then apply a layer of oil to the cooker to prevent it from sticking.

7. Pour in the stirred things, squat in the pot for a few times, shake out the bubbles, press the cooking button, 2 minutes will be good, at this time, cover the towel in the vent for 20 minutes, press 20 minutes, and then jump the button.

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