Introduction LG offered to eat bread and planned to make one with bacon, which must be popular. The bread body is made of Hokkaido milk toast formula. LG said it won’t lose to the HOHO ~ ho sold in the shop outside~

270 g high gluten flour, 4 g salt, 5.5G dry yeast, 43g whole egg liquid, 30g fresh milk oil, 27g milk, 4.5g milk flavor, 92g soup seed, 25g butter, proper sesame, 43g sugar


1. Put all materials except butter together, knead into dough, add butter, slowly knead into dough, and knead until dough is completed (that is, pull out the film, knead the dough by hand, and try to make the dough smooth)

2. Put the dough into a warm and moist place for the first fermentation to 2.5 times the original size, and the first fermentation is completed

3. Take out the dough after the first fermentation, divide it into 6 points (about 85g / piece), roll it round, cover with plastic film and relax for 10 minutes

4. Put some sesame seeds in the plate, brush the whole egg liquid on the surface of the dough, grasp the bottom of the dough, make the surface of the dough dip some sesame seeds in the plate containing sesame seeds, turn the dough upside down and put on the baking plate, and press the dough a little with your hands

5. Put the dough on the baking tray in a warm and humid place for the second fermentation to about 2-2.5 times of the original

6. Preheat the oven for 170 degrees, and the middle layer of the oven for about 18-20 minutes

7. When the bread is cool for a while, cut it open with a knife, put some salad dressing on the inside of the bread, and then drain the prepared materials into it


Burger stuffing: (prepare as you like) cucumber, tomato, lettuce, bacon, salad dressing 1. Wash and slice cucumber, wash and slice tomato, wash and drain lettuce 2. Bacon is delicious when you eat it now. Salad dressing can be selected according to your own taste, You can also use some tomatoes to make soup seeds: take another 25g of high flour and add it to 125g of cold water, mix it evenly, put it in a small pot, use a small and medium fire, keep stirring until the batter is thick and separated from the fire, then the soup seeds are made, Take 92g to ferment for the first time, dip dry flour with your fingers, and insert into dough. If the small pit retracts quickly, the fermentation is not completed, otherwise, the fermentation is completed; put hot water in the pot, or microwave oven, oven, put the dough to be fermented into a container of suitable size, covered with preservative film, and put into the inner pot, or

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