From tip of tongue to delicacy: Yangzhou dried silk

Looking at China on the tip of the tongue, I like Yangzhou dried silk very much. I tried it today.

Dried white 3 pieces, shredded ham, black fungus, cabbage heart, shrimp, ginger, salt, MSG, pepper, sesame oil


1. First, the dried bean slices are sliced, and then sliced.
I used one dried bean slice to make 12 slices, and the other 13 slices. Ha ha, it’s not bad!

2. Wash the cut silk twice with water, then scald it with boiling water, drain the water, and add the shredded pork leg, fungus, shrimp (the shrimp is pickled with pepper and salt first), cabbage heart.

3. In the pot, pour oil, heat, stir fry with ginger.

4. Then pour down the shredded ham, cabbage and fungus and stir fry them

5. Pour in the dried silk, add water (no soup), submerge the dried silk, and roll it a little

6. Put the shrimp on it, cover it and roll it.

7. Put salt, monosodium glutamate and pepper into the pot after boiling. Pour sesame oil into the pot.
you can sprinkle some coriander on those who like coriander.

Yangzhou dried Silk from tip of tongue to delicacy
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