Delicious Guandong cooking

Delicious Guandong cooking
It’s not right to cook all the ingredients in a pot, but it needs a lot of vegetables to make the soup fresh and sweet, and then use the quenched soy sauce to bring out the rich soup. This Guandong cooking without firewood fish is my favorite.
At ordinary times, grandma knows that I like to eat Guandong boiled fish without firewood, and specially use soy sauce to taste, so that I can taste a lot of good taste and grandma’s heart in every bite
Materials sauce sauce 1 spoon white radish 1 / 2 Red radish 1 / 2 lice fish balls 5 black wheels 2 Sweet and spicy 2 slices onion 1 ~ 2 salt 1 teaspoon A small amount of fish paste, coriander, 1-2 water plants, a small amount of ginger in a pot

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