Crispy pork bone with soy sauce and pepper

Crispy pork bone with soy sauce and pepper

Pig bone 500g, green pepper 1, red pepper 1 / 2, red pepper 2, onion 1 / 4, onion 1 / 2, ginger 3, garlic 2, Douchi 1 tablespoon, June fresh Douban sauce 1 tablespoon, seafood sauce 1 tablespoon


1. Clean the pig’s Crispy bones with clear water

2. Boil the water in the pot and put it into the crispy bone

3. Blanch and scald for two minutes, remove the crispy bone, and wash away the froth with clear water again

4. Cut green and red pepper into pieces, onion into pieces and onion into small pieces

5. Prepare Douchi and fresh Douban sauce in June

6. Heat the pot and put a little olive oil in it

7. When the oil is heated, add the onion, ginger and garlic to make them fragrant

8. Stir fry pork crispy bone

9. Stir fry until discolored and put in seafood sauce

10. Stir fry for 3 minutes and add in black bean

11. Add green and red peppers and onions, and continue to fry for 2 minutes

12. Add bean paste and stir evenly

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