Baby’s parents and children’s well cooked rice

  • on May 21, 2020
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The parent-child meal has always been my mother’s favorite Japanese food, but for the villains, it’s a bit too heavy, so I want to say that we can also eat a parent-child meal ~ * the portion is our mother and daughter’s first year and first year~

One boneless chicken leg, half of fresh corn, three okra, half of onion, some Hongxi mushroom, some white mushroom, some green onion, four asparagus, two eggs, some kunbu vegetable soup, some water, some sugar, some soy sauce


1. Take part of the chicken leg meat and cut it into small pieces (peeled), and the rest of the hard and sinewy part will not be cut.
large piece of chicken skin is facing down and the chicken leg meat and small pieces of chicken leg meat are not oiled and fried for standby.
is fried and then peeled or not.

2. Dice onion, Hong Xi mushroom, snow white mushroom, asparagus and okra.
stir fry onion / soft onion first, then stir fry okra and corn grain slightly, and then set aside

3. Because it’s not suitable for children to eat, use ice sugar instead.
take a pot of water (my portion is about 100cc), add some ice sugar (just a little sweet) and boil until it’s melted.

4. Then add about 50cc of thin salt soy sauce (the proportion of soy sauce can be adjusted according to personal taste) to the ice sugar water and stir evenly. After
boils, add the stock (I added about 2-3 tablespoons of stock) and chicken, and boil it again until it boils and then turn off the fire to remove the chicken

5. Beat up the two eggs for later use

6. Take a saucepan or a Yuzi pot, use a medium or small fire, take part of the sauce in step 4 and pour it into the pot, then add the ingredients, chicken and onion in step 2 to the pot and cook them together

8. When the edge of the pot is still bubbling and boiling, pour down the egg mixture and stir it. When the egg flower begins to ripen, turn off the fire.
pour the sauce into the rice and enjoy the delicious food~

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